Maintain your pool and spa water with the PacifiClear Swimming Pool Program. Designed for easy use by homeowners and commercial cleaners, the professional-grade chemicals in the PacifiClear Swimming Pool Program are made right here in Texas.


Our pool supply selection makes basic DIY residential and commercial pool water testing and maintenance easy.


Test your pool system at home regularly with any pool test strips. Bring a pool water sample into Circle Hardware for a more comprehensive analysis from the computer. Get reassurance that your home maintenance program is working.


Customized Plan For All Water Types

You’re trying to figure out how to keep the pH, alkalinity, and salinity balanced. Get a customized plan for the correct balancers, clarifiers, sanitizers, algaecides, and other treatments to prevent any problems. Get you on a routine basis that is fully prevention oriented.


Treat hard water. Soft water. Salty water or water that’s not salty enough. Water with high or low iron levels. Make any pool water clear, clean, safe, and swimmable with a PacifiCare Pool Care Program.


Part of being a responsible pool owner means testing the water regularly. You'll need to check chemical levels, pH balance, and cleanse the water of contaminants that make it unsafe for swimmers.


Home pool water testing supplies allow you to routinely test the water in your pool or spa and maintain treatment of it with the right pool supplies.


Get the pool test strips and specific PacifiCare pool supplies you need to bring your water to the best conditions at Circle Hardware Supply.


Free pool water testing in the Circle Hardware Supply store enhances the at-home care you give your pool.


Printed test results explain full details of the tests and treatment plan. Safely maintain your pool with the best commercial pool water testing that fully analyzes your pool water.


Once you’ve begun your pool’s treatment plan at home, test your water every 2 weeks in our store to monitor ongoing conditions and adjust the pool cleaning chemicals you use.


Know more about the condition of the water in your pool or spa. Care for your home better.


Many systems of commercial pool supplies and spa treatment address symptoms and specific water condition problems, but not the whole pool system.


The PacifiCare Swimming Pool Program is designed to maintain the water in your pool and spa consistently. With regular treatment, many problems can be prevented.


Don’t treat common problems, prevent common pool and spa maintenance issues with a pool supply selection and care system from PacifiCare.


Two-Part System for Complete Pool Care

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Pool Water Testing at Home

Free In-Store Pool Water Testing

Why the PacifiCare Swimming Pool Program?

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PacifiClear Swimming Pool Care Program

More Than Just Pool Supplies: Pool Care

In Texas, we love to spend time outdoors. We love backyard barbecues around the pool. We love swimming the long, hot summer away.


At Circle Hardware in Waco Texas, we’re not just a place to get spa and pool supplies – we are focused on giving you a complete pool and spa care system.


Pool Supply for Preventative Care

Professional pool maintenance personnel and homeowners who maintain pools themselves must be informed about pool water testing and proper pool supplies for maintenance.


Be proactive in your pool and spa care. We want to help you keep your pool and spa healthy and beautiful.


pool test strips

Residential and Commercial Pool Supplies

Common Pool Supplies

All pool maintenance professionals have supplies they need to keep pools clean, healthy, safe, and enjoyable.


Check out our stock of common pool supplies, including:


• Pool chemicals and filters

• Pool filter sand

• Basic pool maintenance kits

• Common spare parts

• Pool test strips


If you don't see the supplies you need, just ask! Our team members will find out about getting it in for you from our local warehouse.

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Hometown Hardware Store With Pool Supply Selection

Circle Hardware serves the Waco, Texas community with a selection of common residential and commercial pool supplies.


PacifiClear pool supplies. Pool water testing strips and chemicals. Get what you need and get it done.


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