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Lawn and Garden Tools. Cleaning Supplies. Rekeyed Locks. Key Cutting.

Friendly faces. Helpful service. We have what you need to get the job done. Circle Hardware: the hometown Waco, Texas hardware store that offers more.


Supplies for your do-it-yourself project. Supplies for the maintenance and building owner. Professionals and handymen.


Home garden tools. Expert repair advice. A staff that genuinely helps guide your home improvement projects. We offer key cutting services. We stock cleaning supplies. We offer knowledge and attention you can't get anywhere else.


Circle Hardware Supply: We don't just care about your property, we care about you.


Conveniently located off I-35, south of the traffic circle.



Lawn & Garden

In Waco, Texas, we love the outdoors.


Whether you have a full garden on your property or a few simple potted plants, you need the right garden tools. Circle Hardware helps you put together the right lawn care products to meet your indoor or outdoor plant life needs.


Celebrate your blooming flowers. Show off your green thumb. Enjoy our selection of garden products. Get the essential tools needed to keep any garden in order.


• Gloves

• Spades

• Trimmers

• Trowels


Enjoy the selection of our lawn and garden section.


You tend to your garden with love. Circle Hardware carries the tools to help you do that.


Don't see what you're looking for? Just ask! Our associates are ready to help you find the garden supply and lawn care products you need.



Household Cleaning Products

No job is finished until the work area is clean.


Carrying a wide selection of household cleaning products, Circle Hardware helps you get the job done - and clean up afterward.


From the most trusted names in everyday cleaners for multiple different surfaces around your property, to the specialized cleaning supplies you need for specialized cleaning jobs. If you've got a heavy-duty, cleaning project, trust our associates to discuss how to use the products and what equipment you need.


Cleaning products for indoor and outdoor surfaces and materials. Cleaning supplies for everyday and uncommon projects. From brushes to buckets, from products protective gear, to Circle Hardware is your Waco supply store that helps you get the job done thoroughly.


Ask our team members about any of our household cleaning products. Let us help you find the right product to make your property shine.


Don't see what you need? Just ask!


Key Cutting

Lock Re-Keying

Circle Hardware is your hometown hardware store that delivers personal service. Dedicated to helping homeowners and business owners for decades, we provide key cutting services for most types of keys.


For homes and businesses. For storage areas and padlocks. A Circle Hardware associate can cut most keys immediately, while you wait.


We even cut automobile keys.


Stop asking, "Where's the best key cutting near me?" Circle Hardware is the best.


Fast. Efficient. Convenient. Circle Hardware is located in Waco, near I-35 and south of the traffic circle.


Rekeying a lock changes the lock’s configuration so old keys won’t work anymore. The process of rekeying locks requires specialized tools.


Many people think that they have to call a locksmith. But you can bring the lock to us. We can re-key locks for you.


At Circle Hardware, we have the tools and supplies to rekey most locks.


Kwikset Smart Locks & SmartKeys


If you find yourself rekeying locks often, consider Kwikset Smart Locks. Rekeying a lock yourself quickly with Kwikset SmartKey Technology.


For the maintenance professional, property owner, or do-it-yourselfer. Rekey locks as often as you need.


Our team members take the time to talk to you, answer your questions, and help you find the supplies you’re looking for. Be successful. Let us help.


Rekeying a Lock Without Hassle

We Cut Keys

Rekeying Locks A Lot? Do It Yourself

Customer Focused Service

Caring About the Waco, Texas Community


Circle Hardware has been a feature of the Waco, Texas community for over 70 years.


Caring about your property, helping you care for your property.


We offer discounts to military veterans and senior citizens. We value the valuable members of our community




A hometown favorite for customer service and convenient expertise and knowledge. Friendly, helpful service. Shop our selection of garden tools and cleaning supplies. Let us help you with key cutting and rekeying a lock. And so much more.


Your hardware store: Circle Hardware Supply.

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