Light Fixtures


Interior Light Fixtures

Ceiling Fans. Light Fixtures.


For home or business, interior lighting is very important. Add atmosphere to every room -  make it bright and welcoming or subtle and intimate. Meet every lighting need with the right electrical supply.


When it is time to repair or replace an interior light fixture, stop by Circle Hardware Supply.


• We offer ceiling fans and accessories.

• We carry light fixtures and fixture parts.

• We stock many light bulbs.


Don't see what you're looking for? Just ask! Our local warehouse stocks thousands of items. Available within 1 business day.


Exterior Light Fixtures

Residential and Commercial Building Electrical Supplies


Exterior light fixtures are essential for the security and beauty of every home and business.  Get exterior electrical supply to keep your property maintained and secure.


Light up a patio, porch, or deck. Illuminate a breezeway or walkway. Exterior light fixtures to make driveways and parking lots easy to navigate. Lights to create ambiance outdoors for special events.


Get the right exterior lighting, bulbs, timers, and other electrical supply.


Circle Hardware: we care about getting your project done right.


Light Bulbs

Circle Hardware Supply carries a selection of incandescent light bulbs, halogen incandescent light bulbs, compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), and light emitting diodes (LEDs).


Get the lighting and electrical supply that you need, quickly.


Got Questions?


Light bulb designs have changed. Many people have questions about the differences between light bulbs.


One of our associates will be glad to help you understand the differences.


Local Waco, TX Hardware Store Electrical Supply and Accessories

Outstanding Local Electrical Supply

For seasoned Waco-area and central Texas professionals. For everyday electrical repair work, maintenance, and regular upgrades. For weekend do-it-yourselfers and homeowners. For fixes to indoor and outdoor lighting problems. For all this and more, Circle Hardware has a selection of electrical supply and accessories. Everything you need in one place.


Our genuine passion is the basis for our outstanding service.


We stock a supply of indoor and outdoor light fixtures and accessories:


Light bulbs. Light fixtures. Fuses. Outlets. Switches. And More.


Don't see what you're looking for?

Ask one of our friendly associates.


Our local warehouse stocks many electrical supply items that we can have within 1 business day.



From Walls to Ceiling

Repair. Maintain. Replace. Conquer Common Electrical Problems.

From floor to ceiling, Circle Hardware's got you covered.


DIY-ers and professional electricians, a selection of commonly needed residential and commercial electrical supply.


Circle Hardware Supply carries:


• Cables and wire

• Conduit and fittings

• Electrical boxes, switches, and outlets

• Thermostats and timers

• Terminations and connectors

• Power strips and extension cords


And more. With access to over 67,000 items in our warehouse, we’re not short on electrical supplies.

Other Electrical Accessories

Circle Hardware is your local supply for electrical accessories. Little things make a big difference in every day life.


We carry:

• Smoke Detectors

• Extension Cords

• Flashlights

• Batteries


Trying to find “electrical supplies, near me in central Texas”? Circle Hardware Supply is the answer.


Here to help you power your life.

Emergency Preparedness

We Carry Portable and Home Generators


Be prepared for emergencies. Circle Hardware can help you put together the right emergency preparedness kit for your property.


Looking for a portable generator or full home generator? Circle Hardware Supply can help with your emergency power generation. Get all the electrical supplies you need.


Off I-35, north of the traffic circle, in Waco, Texas, if you need electrical supply, stop in to see us at Circle Hardware Supply.



Safety Always Comes First

Major electrical projects should always be completed by a trained, licensed professional.


Ask one of our associates any questions about your projects.


We’re glad to help you find the safety gear and equipment you need.


For every electrical project, it's not only worth it to do it right - it's important it to do it safely. Circle Hardware can help you make sure you have the tools, accessories, and safety equipment you need for common electrical repairs.


Get gloves, tools, tape. Connectors and terminals.


If you have any uncertainty, we recommend you call a professional.


Asking, "Where can I conveniently pick up electrical supply near me just off I-35 and north of the traffic circle?" We've got your answer: Circle Hardware Supply.



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