Locks and Hardware for Windows and Doors in Waco, Texas

Window and Door Locks for Your Building’s Security

Window and door locks must be functional and secure. Whether you’re a homeowner, a business owner, or an investment property owner, you need locks and hardware for your doors and windows that protect your property.


Front Doors. Sliding Doors. Storm Doors. Interior Doors. Window Locks.

Keep residential and commercial property safe

Have peace of mind knowing you’ve secured your home, business, or rental with durable locks from reputable manufacturers that you got at Circle Hardware Supply in Waco, Texas.


Established Names in Security

Shop our selection of interior and exterior door locks, including top brands like Schlage and Kwikset door locks. Get deadbolts, keyless locks, and more.


child-proof door locks

Exterior and Interior Door Hardware

Electronic Door Locks. Child Proof Door Locks. Sliding and Pocket Door Hardware.

Circle Hardware offers a full selection of knobs, deadbolts, sliding locks, and door hardware for every type of exterior and interior door.


Have a cabinet door you need secured?

Want to make it easy to open several doors with the same key? Or to rekey a lock quickly?

Need to repair or replace door hardware?


Bring style and security together with the door hardware on both the inside and outside of your property.


For homeowners, maintenance professionals, investment property owners, and everyone in Waco, Texas, find a selection of common, popular, and reliable hardware and locks at Circle Hardware Supply.

schlage door hardwware

Install. Repair. Maintain. Replace.

What kind of job is it?

Child-Proofing Your Home or Business

Local Warehouse Stocks More

Circle Hardware Supply carries a selection of window locks and hardware for new installation or replacement. Get what you need to change an interior or exterior lock quickly.

Consider the location of the lock on your property, the level of security you need, and style of your building and décor when choosing the right lock and hardware.


Installing electronic door locks on your front or side doors?


Upgrading or replacing old window locks?


Interested in customizing or replacing worn door hardware?


Our Circle Hardware associates can help you find the door locks and hardware you're looking for.

We offer a selection of child-proof door locks and window locks that keep little ones safe. When it’s time to child proof a home or business, come see us at Circle Hardware.


Need it? Get it. Do it!

Don't see the lock you need? Ask one of our associates. Our local warehouse holds additional stock that we can have in within 1 business day.

Electronic Door Locks

For Commercial Properties and Residences.

Keypads and electronic door locks are some of the most secure locks available. Trusted by realtors and commercial properties, these locks require a PIN or wireless device to open.


Circle Hardware carries a selection of Schlage door locks and Kwikset door locks - the most trusted names in electronic door locks.

Storm Door Hardware

Keep the weather out.

schlage door locks

When you need to repair or replace your storm door, Circle Hardware can help. We carry cables, handles, locks, and other storm door hardware so you can fix the problem.

Screen Door Hardware

Let the air in.

Screen doors are a charming addition to any Texas home. Get the right screen door hardware to keep your door at its best. Circle Hardware cuts screen and helps you prep for your screen repair and home improvement. Get latch kits, cable, and more.

Sliding Door Hardware

Convenient and beautiful

Sliding doors come in all sizes and are used for many purposes. Get the sliding door hardware and locks you need to install, repair, or replace exterior and interior sliding doors.


If you need exterior doors of any type secured, Circle Hardware Supply has the products to help.

A "skeleton key" is a key that can open several locks of the same type. The key is cut only with the essentials, so it engages with any lock of the right size.


There are many uses for skeleton keyed doors - in hotels for housekeeping purposes or to make it easy to unlock any bedroom door in your home, for instance. Whatever your reason, our Circle Hardware associates can help you select from our skeleton key door locks.


Circle Hardware Supply has a full selection of hardware for every exterior door. Your front door, side door, sliding door, or any door that enters your home from outside should be secure.

Circle Hardware proudly carries Schlage door hardware. Stylish and secure. For homes and business. See the innovations this prestigious name in home security and entryway locks and hardware comes up.


Circle Hardware offers a selection of Kwikset door hardware. Handles, deadbolts, keyless entry, and more. A trusted name in home and commercial door locks for over 60 years.

Top Manufacturers of Front Door Hardware

Deadbolts. Keyed Front Door Hardware. Sliding Door Hardware and Locks

Secure Exterior Door Hardware for Superior Protection

For interior and exterior doors

Skeleton Key Door Locks

Stylish Interior Door Hardware Offering Excellent Performance

Keyed Doorknobs. Pocket Door Hardware. Childproofing Protection

Circle Hardware offers a full selection of hardware for all types of interior doors.


Front hinged doors to sliding pocket doors, get the hardware and locks you need.

Schlage Knobs and Handles. Kwikset Door Hardware

Interior doors use a variety of knobs, handles, and latches. Get keyed or keyless interior door hardware to secure doors in your property.


Door knobs and latches. Hardware for sliding closet and pantry doors. Hinges and door guards.


Get the interior door locks and hardware you need for any room at Circle Hardware Supply.

Pocket Door Hardware

Chic. Cosmopolitan. Quiet.

Pocket doors are a terrific space saver. Recently, they’ve become more popular in interior design.


Circle Hardware has your pocket door hardware, frames and wall mounts. We carry kits in multiple finishes.


Don't see what you need? Ask a Circle Hardware associate. Our local warehouse stocks items that we can order for delivery on the next business day.


Child Proof Door Locks

When you have small children, you can never be too safe.


Circle Hardware carries a supply of child proof door locks to protect children and your property.


With child proofing devices from some of the most trusted names, you can secure door knobs that lead anywhere, of any shape.

Window Locks & Hardware

Secure, properly installed window locks can help you protect your property.


Repairing or replacing locks on your home or business' windows is a common maintenance project. It’s an upgrade that you can appreciate immediately.


Sliding locks. Sash locks. Wedge locks. Window stops.


Each type of window lock may require specific tools. Consider the location of the window, how much security you need, and the design that is right for your building.


Get everything you need and get your job done right.


Circle Hardware Supply offers a selection of the supplies you need to successfully repair or replace your window locks.

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Window and Door Locks. Helping Hands and Quick Service.

Circle Hardware has been serving the residents and business owners of Waco, Texas for over 70 years.


We show our dedication to being service driven every day. We love what we do because we care about our community, our neighbors, and our customers.


Circle Hardware proudly offers a veterans and military discount.

We also offer a senior discount every Tuesday.


Get the supplies you need for replacing door hardware and repairing window locks.


Get tools. Get advice. Get more: Circle Hardware Supply.

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