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Circle Hardware Supply in Waco, Texas, is committed to providing exceptional service. We feature the best for our customers. We feature CHANNELLOCK tools.


Reliable. Quality. Tools for Work.


Highest durability and designed for longevity. Well manufactured. Use your CHANNELLOCK tools every day, for years. For the repair professional or property owner.


Exclusive Supplier of CHANNELLOCK Tools


As a Do it Best Co-op member, Circle Hardware Supply is the exclusive Waco, Texas supplier of more CHANNELLOCK hand tools. Their original groove-and-tongue pliers are available anywhere, but only at Circle Hardware can you choose from over 140 types and sizes of tools in their signature blue color.


Stop in and pick up the CHANNELLOCK hand tools you need.


All ChannelLock Tools

You may know about Channellock’s tongue and groove pliers, but do you know about their entire selection?





For all the jobs you need to get done right, CHANNELLOCK pliers have an extensive selection of designs.


Designed with your home improvement and repair in mind, get a set of tools that you can count on.


CHANNELLOCK also makes outstanding:


• Electrical Pliers

• Cutting Pliers

• Long Nose Pliers

• Long Reach Pliers

• Slip Joint Pliers


From CHANNELLOCK Tools comes a line of slotted, Phillip's head, and Torx screwdrivers.


Durable and sleek, they are composed of alloy steel blades and CHANNELLOCK blue acetate handles.






CHANNELLOCK designs a line of heavy-duty, solid wrenches. An essential part of any homeowner’s tool box, a wrench set from CHANNELLOCK will become a part of your home.


Ask us about CHANNELLOCK:


• Adjustable Wrenches

• Combination Wrenches

• Quick-Release Ratchets & Socket Sets


Get the tools you need to get the job done. Make them CHANNELLOCK tools from Circle Hardware Supply in Waco, Texas.


Specialty Tools



Build your tool box one tool at a time or buy a whole tool set. CHANNELLOCK offers the best quality tool sets that include all the essentials – pliers, wrenches, screwdrivers, sockets, and mechanics tool sets.


Customize the right set of tools for your trade and craft. Get everything you need and nothing you don’t. Exclusive selection from Circle Hardware Supply.



While some CHANNELLOCK products are in many, the specialty CHANNELLOCK tools are available only at Circle Hardware.


• Wire strippers

• Retaining ring pliers

• Levels

• Crimpers

• Fencing pliers

• Welding pliers

• Locknut pliers

Ask a Circle Hardware associate about all CHANNELLOCK’s specialty tools for repair professionals.


Need it? Get it. Do it!


CHANNELLOCK tools: more than hand tools. With commitment to excellent and quality, CHANNELLOCK also offers:


• Wet/dry vacuum cleaners

• Hammers

• Extension cords

• Work lights

• Flashlights

• Wheel barrows

• Tool boxes


Design. Durability. CHANNELLOCK.





Founded in 1886, CHANNELLOCK, Inc. is a worldwide leader in the manufacture of high quality pliers and assorted hand tools, all made in the USA.


Long known for quality and craftsmanship: CHANNELLOCK, Inc.


Pliers. Screwdrivers. Adjustable & Combination Wrenches. Quick Release Ratchets. Tool Sets. Specialty Tools. Wet Vacs. Extension Cords. And More.


Our local warehouse stores many more CHANNELLOCK tools than we can keep on our shelves. Don’t see what you need? Ask us.



The Original Tongue and Groove CHANNELLOCK Pliers

Types of Tongue and Groove Pliers

CHANNELLOCK introduced in 1932 the original "tongue and groove" pliers, which are known for adjusting to meet the requirements of the job. High carbon C1080 steel, with laser heat-treated teeth, this quality and innovative design maximizes the pliers’ grip.


CHANNELLOCK tongue and groove pliers: the cornerstone of every tool box.


Circle Hardware carries a full selection of classic CHANNELLOCK pliers.


CHANNELLOCK tongue and groove pliers include:


• Straight Jaw

• V-Jaw

• Narrow Nose

• Grip Lock

• Oil Filter/PVC

• Smooth Jaw


and the one-of-a-kind Nutbuster pliers.


Each CHANNELLOCK pliers set is available in various sizes..





Circle Hardware: Serving Central Texas . Exclusive CHANNELLOCK Selection.

Circle Hardware is a staple of the Waco, Texas community.


We proudly offer a military veteran and active duty service member discount.


We proudly give a senior citizen discount on Tuesdays.


CHANNELLOCK Tools: Made in the USA.


An exclusive selection of CHANNELLOCK pliers, screwdrivers, wrenches, wet/dry vacs, and more. Quality tools for any job from Circle Hardware Supply.

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