Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kits for Home and Business

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Sliding doors used to be just for barns, but not anymore.


Circle Hardware is the local Waco, Texas hardware store that supplies a selection of barn door hardware kits from national manufacturers.


Circle Hardware Supply: Get everything you need to install and maintain your sliding door.


Hot Trend in Interior Design - Sliding Barn Door Hardware

For Residential and Commercial Properties

Over the past few years, sliding doors have become more popular for homes and commercial buildings. They add a sense of drama and sophistication and can really bring a room to life.



Want to shut off an area but still have some visibility?  Want a quieter door system with no slamming?

Want to use a space more efficiently?


Circle Hardware Supply carries the most popular barn door hardware kits from top manufacturers, used by commercial and residential construction companies, professional decorators, and property owners with an eye for combining beauty and quality.


We proudly carry a selection of Goldberg Brothers and National Hardware sliding barn door hardware kits.

Traditional Outdoor Sturdiness

Durability. Quality. Charm

While barn doors have become a trend for interior decor, they're traditionally designed for heavy-duty, outdoor uses.


Some barn door hardware kits simply look ready for hard work, and some are built to withstand the toughest conditions.


Ask us about the benefits of different materials, how to maintain your barn door hardware, and all your questions.


Strength is part of the design in every job done right.


Types of Barn Door Hardware

Custom Style You Want With Functionality You Need

Personalize your home with the sliding door that suits you. There are many design options available in sliding barn door hardware kits.


• Consider if your door will be mounted to the wall, or the ceiling and floor.


• Consider what shape and style of track might work best in your space. We carry both flat tracks and tubular tracks.


• You may need stops to keep the door from going too far.


• Choose a door you love. Customize for the look you want in any room.



Tools & Tips Help You Do It Yourself

Preparation for Hanging a Sliding Door

Professional Installation for Barn Door Hardware

Installing a sliding barn door in your home or business can be complicated.  It’s a big project that takes some skills. You can always hire a professional to install your door, but if you’re a serious DIY-er and want to take on the challenge, Circle Hardware is here to help.


We carry popular and trusted names, used by professionals in Waco and all throughout central Texas. For anyone hanging a sliding door, we have a selection of kits, tools, and materials.


Before purchasing a sliding barn door hardware kit, consider:


• The location of your new door and the construction of the doorframe.

• The style and finish that you want for handles, pulls, and hardware.

• How frequently the sliding door will be used once installed.


You will want to measure and plan your door’s installation before picking up a single tool. Associates at Circle Hardware Supply can help.

Circle Hardware Supply offers options like stainless steel track hardware and quiet close tracks and accessories. Choose the options that suit your space and your style.


Don't see what you're looking for? Many designs that we have available are kept at our local warehouse and can be delivered to us the next business day.


Ask a Circle Hardware associate. We're glad to help.

Get a Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit,

and So Much More

Get Your Safety Equipment

For the toughest DIY jobs, always make sure to have to right safety equipment. Eye protection and gloves are crucial. Get both at Circle Hardware.


Tools and Materials for Barn Door Hardware Installation


To install a sliding door yourself, you will need:


• Drill and drill bits

• Awl or punch

• Saw with a blade for cutting metal

• Router and router bits

• Socket wrenches

• A tape measure and level


Get the tools you need at Circle Hardware Supply.



In addition to the sliding barn door hardware kit you’ve chosen, you will need a mounting board, dry wall anchors, and paint.


Can’t find all the materials you’re looking for at Circle Hardware? Ask us! One of our associates will be glad to assist



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