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Quality products and outstanding service. Your hometown Waco, Texas hardware store. Find what you are looking for at Circle Hardware Supply.


An independent, locally-owned hardware store. Member of Do it Best Corp.


Here to help you with all your needs for your commercial and residential maintenance, repair, remodel, and restoration projects.


Need it? Get it. Do it! At Circle Hardware Supply.


Don't Just Get It Done - Do It Best.

Wide Variety of Products. Competitive Prices.


As a member in Do it Best Corp, we offer central Texas quality tools, hardware, and building materials - about 15,000 in our store, about 70,000 in our nearby warehouse.


Do it Best Corp. is a co-operative of over 4,000 independently-owned hardware and lumber stores. Do it Best offers members access to top-quality products, with pricing competitive with bigger stores.


Supplying our community with a variety of home improvement and repair supplies.


Why Shop Local?

Waco is your home. It's our home too.


Shopping at Circle Hardware Supply is not like shopping anywhere else. Our customer focused, service driven attitude mixes the charm of our community with the inventory of the largest national chain stores.


When you shop with locally-owned businesses, you support not only those businesses but your community too. When you support us, you support jobs and relationships throughout central Texas.

Contributing to the Waco Community.

Circle Hardware has been serving the Waco community for over 70 years.Commercial Exterior Paint


You love your homes and businesses. So do we. We love what we do.


We love our customers and their homes, neighborhoods, and businesses.

Conveniently Located.

Convenient location off I-35, north of the Waco traffic circle. Easy to stop in and get what you need, then be on your way.



10% Military Discounts

We appreciate those who have served and are serving our country in our armed forces.


At Circle Hardware Supply, we proudly express our appreciation by offering a 10% discount to our military veterans, active duty, and reserve service members. Good on every in-store purchase, every day.


State Recognized. Community Proud.

In May 2015, the Texas State House of Representatives commemorated the 70th anniversary of Circle Hardware Supply, extending best wishes to the Circle Hardware team for continued success.


In 2015, the Texas Historical Commission presented its Texas Treasure Business Award to Circle Hardware Supply for our exceptional contributions to the economic growth and prosperity of Texas.


Senior Discounts on Tuesdays

We value seniors and their contributions to our community, our state, and our nation.


To honor seniors, every Tuesday is Seniors Day at Circle Hardware Supply.

For customers 65 years of age and older, there is a 10% discount on purchases every Tuesday.


We look forward to seeing you.

Best Rewards Program

Our Best Rewards Program rewards you for shopping at Circle Hardware Supply.


Joining is easy. Fill out a Best Rewards card. Save $5 off your first purchase.


Earn points to spend like cash on future purchases. Ask an associate for details.

Local Warehouse Stores More for Us

Circle Hardware Supply has a selection of the supplies that professionals and do-it-yourselfers need. For home and business repair, maintenance, remodel, and restoration projects.


Our in-store space is limited to 6,000 square feet, but our local warehouse nearby stocks nearly 70,000 products.


Don't see it? Ask! We'll get it for you.


Don't see what you need for your project? Please ask us!


Our nearby 500,000 square foot warehouse stocks nearly 70,000 products. We can usually have your item next-business-day. We also special order anything out of stock.


Since 1945, there has been a locally owned lumber and hardware store at 2504 La Salle Avenue in Waco, Texas.


There have been changes in the ownership and name, but what has never changed is the commitment to offering quality products and great customer service.


Newly remodeled facilities and membership in Do it Best Corp. Now, we offer more products than ever.


We are building on the past and focused on the future. We believe the best days for Circle Hardware Supply are on the way.


There's nothing like hearing your stories.


Stories of coming to our store as a child with your dad or granddad, memories of experience with an associate, tales of tools you purchased here years ago that you still use.


We want your experience at Circle Hardware Supply to become the stories you will tell in the years to come.


More Than You Expect From a Hardware Store.

Need It? Get It. Do It!

Get your plumbing supply, electrical supplies, house paint, cabinet hardware, door knobs and hinges, decorative lighting, door bells, and much, much more.


Maybe you need a key cut, a lock rekeyed, a piece of glass cut, a window screen or screen door repaired. We do that too.


For the seasoned professional and the homeowner with a project. A plumbing supply selection that helps you take care of most plumbing issues in your property.


Make Circle Hardware Supply your one-stop-shop for plumbing supplies. Get what you need and get back to your project.


Whether you have a clogged drain or a leaky faucet, problems with a toilet or shower head, check out our plumbing supply department. From plungers to pipes.


PVC pipes, galvanized and black pipe, and fittings of all sizes.


• Copper tubing and fittings.

• Brass fittings and nipples.

• Quick-connect, flare, and compression fittings.


If your plumbing project requires pipe and fittings, get what you need from the plumbing department at Circle Hardware Supply.


We carry a range of bathroom and kitchen faucets and fixtures, and a selection of parts to repair or replace your sink fixtures.


Don't be bothered by a leaky faucet. Upgrade to the style and durability you need. Supplies for most major and minor plumbing jobs.


Circle Hardware associates offer expert advice on all the plumbing supplies we carry. We also carry the right tools.


Pipes and Fittings

Faucets and Fixtures

Circle Hardware Supply in Waco, Texas has an extensive electrical supply center. Get everything you need to install or repair interior and exterior light fixtures and more.


From outlets to conductors. From switches to cable. From thermostats to conduits.


Get the electrical accessories you need to repair or improve your property.


We recommend that advanced electrical projects are done by a professional. We also carry safety equipment and gear to make sure your electrical projects are a success.


Don't see the electrical supplies you're looking for? Our local warehouse stocks thousands of additional supplies for us.


Chalked paint and chalkboard paint are very different. When you're looking to add a touch of whimsy and designer elegance to your home, each of them will - but in different ways.


Circle Hardware Supply stocks Rust-Oleum Chalked Paint and chalked paint tools, used to create an antique or distressed matte finish on furniture and other home decor.


Circle Hardware stocks Rust-Oleum Chalk Board paint, which can be painted on virtually any surface to create an erasable chalkboard finish.


Chalked paint has a history of being used in furniture and home decor items. We stock a range of colors of chalked paint, as well as the tools to distress anything you paint with chalked paint.


At Circle Hardware you will find a selection of chalked paint brushes and chalked paint wax, used to finish and set the paint. Finish the job right.


We proudly carry Rust-Oleum Chalked Paint.


Perfect for children of all ages, chalk board paint has become popular in home and commercial decor. It instantly enhances any walls, tabletops, metal hardware, or anything else it's painted on.


Add whimsy and organization. Inspire creativity and communication.


Circle Hardware offers a selection of black chalkboard paint and green chalkboard paint - to match your interior or set the right tone for any room.


Don't let any space go to waste. Use any surface to leave your message and personality.


Rust-Oleum Chalked Paint

Chalkboard Paint

For home paint projects big or small, Circle Hardware Supply can help.


We have a selection of interior and exterior house paint for all the most common surfaces.


A range of colors. House paints to suit every style. For indoors and outdoors, make your property yours.


Making Waco more beautiful with every business and home improvement project: Circle Hardware Supply.


Inside your home or business, you want colors that express who you are. Show off your family. Create an office space that's uniquely your own. Freshen up your interior with a coat of paint.


We supply a variety of interior wall paint.


We can match your color scheme or your dreams. Set off your property’s trim with interior door and trim paint. Create a contrast or coordinate your rooms.


Self-priming paint. Paint texturing accessories. We have an extensive interior paint selection.


The outside of your home or business draws a lot of attention. A coat of bold or sophisticated exterior paint is an easy way to make it look its best.


Freshen up trim or wood siding. Paint your patio or fence.


Check out our selection of exterior door paint and trim paint.


For any outdoor paint job, Circle Hardware has what you need.


If you need an exterior paint sprayer, we can help with that too. Ask one of our associates for details.


Interior House Paint

Exterior House Paint

Whether in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, or any room, cabinet hardware makes a statement. Cabinet drawer hardware and door pulls have to be functional and durable.


But they can be stylish too.


Circle Hardware has a selection of cabinet hardware pulls and knobs.


Repair or replace your kitchen cabinet hardware.


Give your laundry room's cabinets an upgrade.


Make your bathroom into something new.


Don't see the right pulls, knobs, or handles to match what’s in your home? Ask one of our associates more details on our extensive kitchen and bathroom cabinet hardware selection.


We carry a selection of door locks and door hardware. Keep doors doing their jobs. Make a statement at every entrance.


We carry common window locks. Keep your property secure. Make windows seal tighter for better energy efficiency.


Over time, doors break down. Hinges wear. Lock parts snap. Door knobs get stuck. As a property owner or repairman, these little things are important to fix. And they’re usually easy jobs.


Circle Hardware is here to help with any size job.


Keep your home secure. Repair or replace broken front door locks immediately. Circle Hardware wants to help you keep your property safe.


We offer a selection of the best electronic door locks. Upgrade your property’s technology. Upgrade your life.


Get the sliding door hardware you need to protect entryways off your patio, backyard, or side door. Repair or upgrade your sliding door locks. Repair or replace your screen door locks or storm door hardware with the right parts and tools.


We proudly stock a selection of Schlage door locks and Kwikset door hardware for your front door. Two of the best names in home locks. Nationally trusted and recognized brands.




Keep doors inside your property secure. Repair or replace broken locks without a professional locksmith. Install or repair your own pocket door hardware and get it sliding just right.


We proudly carry a selection of Kwikset door locks and Schlage door hardware. Get the right design and materials. Get what you need for your business or home's doors.


A common do-it-yourself repair, window locks are essential for your building’s security.


• Keep pesky insects out.

• Make your home more environmentally friendly.

• Protect your property and family.


A locking window adds value to your property. Get the right window locks, or repair and replace them.


If you can’t find what you need, ask one of our associates. Our warehouse stocks additional window locks and hardware.


Different materials. Different style windows. All at Circle Hardware Supply.


Door Locks, Window Locks, and Hardware

Door Locks and Door Hardware

Exterior Door Hardware

Interior Door Hardware

Window Locks

Separate your space. Make a dramatic statement. Never hear a door slam again.


Whether you're installing or repairing a sliding barn door, Circle Hardware has the barn door hardware kits to help.


Make repairs or install a barn door for the first time with a complete barn door hardware kit. Get locks and stoppers to keep your door in top shape.


Get everything you need to repair your sliding barn door hardware. We carry a full selection of power tools and hand tools for every job.


It's not just any home or business - it's your home or business. Install and maintain the perfect doors.


One of the most trusted names in hand tools: CHANNELLOCK Tools is known for their original tongue & groove pliers.


Circle Hardware Supply and Do it Best Corp are proud to be exclusive dealers of CHANNELLOCK’s extended hand tool line.


The original tongue & groove CHANNELLOCK pliers.


Offering every tool box so much more. Tongue & groove pliers come in several styles - straight jaw, v-jaw, smooth jaw, and more. A variety of tools for all kinds of jobs.


CHANNELLOCK pliers include many designs - from long-nose to long-reach, from electrical to cutting.


Get the right type of pliers for all the work you do.


Get more from all your CHANNELLOCK tools. Exclusive to Do it Best Corp locations.


Screwdrivers. Wrenches. Socket sets. All made in the USA.


If you need the best hand tools, you've come to right place in Waco, Texas. Circle Hardware Supply.


Not just the best in-store selection of Milwaukee tools in Waco, TX - but in all of central Texas.


Circle Hardware has the Milwaukee power tools you're looking for. Suppliers of Milwaukee M12 tools and Milwaukee M18 tools. Universal power platform, top performing RedLithium batteries.


Drills. Saws. And More. A selection of the best Milwaukee power tools with the Milwaukee Tool guarantee you know you can trust.



Circle Hardware supplies home building materials for projects large and small. Whether you're working indoors or outdoors, we're here with what you need to get the job done.


Wood siding changes the look of your home instantly. It's one of the biggest parts of your property's curb appeal - something that people really notice. Get the durable, beautiful wood siding that makes your home grab people's attention.


Match what you have now, or change your home's appearance. Our wood siding and trim selection goes a long way. We have the supplies for your home siding repairs and replacement.


We match wood siding.

Need to repair or replace your home’s wood siding? We carry yellow pine wood siding panels.


For interior and exterior building projects, Circle Hardware Supply has the lumber you need. Build the deck you keep dreaming of. Upgrade or repair fence boards. Construct a fort for your kids.


Circle Hardware carries a selection of interior and exterior building materials, and our associates have the knowledge to help you.


Design an interior that shows your pride in your home. Repair interior moldings and house trim or upgrade to something new. With wood door trims, crown moldings, transition strips, and more, your home can make a statement in every room.


Need specific materials to match your property’s window moldings, baseboards, or crown molding? Need the tools to get the job done?


Circle Hardware can help. If you don't see something you need, let us know. We will check our local warehouse to see what’s in stock, or order from the supplier for you.


Home Wood Siding

Interior and Exterior Lumber

Moldings and Trims

A selection of commercial and residential pool supplies, including what you need to keep your pool sparkling. A pool supply assortment including pump filters, chemicals, pool filter sand, and more.


Proud participants in the PacifiCare Swimming Pool Care Program. Customized solutions tailored to prevent problems in your pool.


Free water testing in our store.


Bring in a water sample to thoroughly evaluate your pool care effectiveness. Adjust your treatment with the right supplies.


You're proud of your pool. So are we. That's why we stock what you need to keep your pool clean, clear, and safe.



Window screens protect your home from insects and shade the room. When you need window screen repair and replacement, Circle Hardware is your only stop.


Get your window screens cut to size from your choice of material and pre-stretched into a frame for your easy installation. Call or come in with the measurements of your screens, and schedule a convenient pick up for the screens you need.


Having trouble with your patio screens? Repair or replace torn or damaged screens.


Don't let your screens be a problem. Get the tools and materials you need and get the job done.


Screen doors are a charming feature on any home. Protect your home from insects. Enjoy the weather and natural Texas beauty.


When your screen is ripped, enjoy Circle Hardware’s screen door repair services. Bring the look and environmental friendliness of a screened door to your home.


Need a door screen repair? Just take the door off the hinges and bring it in.


Window Screen Repair

Door Screen Repair

Glass cutting is a specialized service. Circle Hardware is your convenient local Waco, Texas source for single-pane glass cutting services.


Call in or bring us your window measurements. We can cut as many pieces as you need. While you wait or schedule a pickup. We also have window repair parts and products.


Get what you need to replace broken glass or repair a broken window.


Glass cutting and window repair supply, at Circle Hardware.


Sure, we're a hardware store. It's in our name. But we're more than that. We support your professional repair and home improvement projects. We love to help.


Stop in and see everything that Circle Hardware has for you.


Whether you have a small herb garden, potted plants, or a full yard to maintain, we have the essential supplies and garden tools to keep your outdoors picture perfect.


We love to see our neighbor's blooming flowers and green lawns. We love the natural beauty in our community.


Your local garden and lawn supply center: Circle Hardware.


For whatever reason, sometimes you need to rekey a lock. Lock rekeying takes specialized equipment. We rekey locks for you.


If you need to rekey locks frequently, consider the Kwikset SmartLock Technology. For home and business locks. Rekey your own locks quickly.


Need key cutting services? We cut house and business keys. Storage keys, small lock keys, and more.


We also cut car keys.


Circle Hardware Supply associates cut keys while you wait.

We also offer a selection of keychains. Need something you don't see? Just ask us!


Home repair and construction projects get messy. Get household cleaners for your everyday projects, as well as specialized cleaning products.


• Keep your garage spotless.

• Get your kitchen and bathroom shining.

• Don't let a home improvement mess get out of hand.


Circle Hardware has everything you need to get the job done right.


Garden Tools, Cleaning Supplies, and Much, Much More.

Lawn and Garden Supplies

Lock Re-Keying

Household Cleaning Supplies

We Cut Keys

At Circle Hardware:

Need It? Get It. Do It!

Circle Hardware Supply serves the Waco, Texas community. We are your hometown hardware store that offers more. Get the supplies and professional advice you need to do the job right.



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